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We are a strengths-based school

Our staff love and care for students and see them as a valuable part of our community. Staff are committed to investing time with them so that they can develop positive relationships and have an understanding of where they are at. At Maitland Christian School we are a strengths-based school.

The growing of our Strengths Realisation Program is an important part of student welfare.

Working with families and having an opportunity to bring about positive relations and contribute to the wellbeing of students and parents is a wonderful part of our work. – Jason Munro, Deputy Principal

The encouragement and mentoring that staff provide to students in this school is second to none. – Tim, Student

Talent to Strength Initiative (TSI)

Unearthing the wonderful potential in every child.

A key element of the TSI is the opportunity for students to grow in their understanding of who they are, aligned with their own development. – Joshua Vine

Our TSI is a Strengths-based initiative that uses the Gallup StrengthFinder assessment tool to identify the strengths and gifts of individuals. Importantly, TSI provides students with a language for self-reflection and for interaction with those around them.

TSI provides for students:

A Deeper understanding of what God would have them do.”

Light bulb moments – there is a realisation of their talents and strengths.

A language to understand their strengths.”

Growth in their abilities.”

A readiness for life beyond the school.”

Staff have completed their own personal assessment and have had an individual coaching session to understand themselves and their colleagues. Staff, in understanding their own journey, can have a better appreciation of the journey students are on, in understanding their place in God’s world. A number of staff have undergone formal training in Strengths, and are qualified Strengths coaches.
The initiative started in 2015 with senior students. Seeing the clear benefits for students, it is growing into a foundational aspect of school life.

Unearthing student talent through the Clifton StrengthsFinder is so rewarding and satisfying. I love seeing the students’ reactions to having a better understanding of themselves, and realising for the first time who they are and what they can achieve. – Josh Vine, Teacher

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