Others Focused

Mission week was the best 2 weeks of high school. Being able to serve another community and get to know students from a different culture took me out of my comfort zone and got me thinking more about others and how I can help them and share Jesus’ with them. I think they changed me far more than anything I did for them. – Christopher, former student

MCS Missions

At MCS we have a unique perspective in that we don’t just want to teach your kids to know about Jesus, we want them to love Jesus, to be equipped to take that message and serve Jesus and to have a focus on the goodness and wellbeing and love people. We want faith lived out, not just lived inside. Missions program is a key element to give children the understanding, skills and awareness and the confidence to live out their Christian faith.

Foundational at MCS is taking our Christian faith seriously. It’s embedded in all that we do and all that we teach. We don’t want our kids to just know about Jesus, we want them to respond to Jesus and to live that out. Not everybody has a relationship with Jesus, not everybody loves Jesus, but there is an uncompromising commitment that every child will learn how to make the world a better place, and have a care and commitment for those around them, so they can make a difference in the lives of others.

There are several options for students during Mission week. These include:

This team will be focussing on how to serve the housing and community areas around the school. It may be a combination of backyard blitz, meals and other practical measures to assist and encourage our neighbours genuinely experiencing significant challenges in the local area. Working as a team how can this group practically support and encourage our neighbours and those in need in our local community? This has been a huge success in past years with genuine appreciation from those being blessed by work undertaken by student teams.

Also, we have an opportunity to go and serve at Hunter River Community School for the week. At this school, there are many opportunities to bless and show God’s love through activities such as establishing a new vegetable patch. Last year students raised over $4,000 towards the Bible Societies Bikes for Bibles appeal.

Empowering is a music / drama / gospel sharing team that visits Primary schools to share a program and positive interactions with students in those schools. This has been undertaken locally for the past few years. We have the opportunity to undertake another local trip, or for our students to travel further afield and be based in the Central West of NSW and to serve schools in that area of NSW as well. If your child has a passion for music, drama or sharing the gospel this would be a great team to join.

Having been completed by four student groups since 2013, this is a significant physical challenge and also an opportunity to raise funds for worthwhile causes. Students conquer the path from Wollongong to Sydney, including the amazing Royal National Park. Over 100kms in a week is lots of hard work but brings a huge reward for those involved and also for those in receipt of monies raised. Last year students raised over $2,500 towards their chosen charity Love Mercy –cents for seeds appeal.

Working with children and families in a range of activities e.g. drama, sport in the poorer communities of other countries around the world. Building projects and maintenance. Supporting local teachers and training them to teach.

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