Academic Growth

Being a new teacher to Explicit Instruction I have been greatly impressed with the outcomes of my students in areas of Mathematics and Literacy. Up until coming to Maitland I taught in a framework of student directed learning. Seeing children have the opportunity to academically thrive through our Explicit Instruction program is wonderful, and seeing students who are new to Maitland, thrive and achieve success for the first time is why I do what I do. – Beth Gorrick, Year 5 Teacher

Explicit Direction Instruction

Explicit Direct Instruction is a teacher-led, evidence-based, highly interactive, engaging way of teaching. It follows an I Do, We Do, You Do approach, where the teacher tells the students what they will be learning in the lesson, and what they will be able to successfully master by the end of the lesson. The teacher fully explains or models the new content first (I Do), then takes the students through carefully scaffolded, guided practice (We Do). Once the teacher is sure the students have successfully mastered the new content/skill, they are then released to complete similar work independently (You Do). Consistent, regular checking for understanding of the students happens throughout the whole lesson. Explicit Instruction is a teaching method that sets our students up for success!

We have a team of Instructional Coaches who work one-on-one with every member of the teaching staff, supporting them to successfully implement Explicit Instruction in the classroom. The goal is that every student receives excellent instruction every day in every class. Coaching happens within a supportive, encouraging environment. Coaches model and observe classroom practice, provide reflection and engage in regular professional conversation with the Staff.

Learning Support

Our learning support program is centred around Hope. We believe every student is created in God’s image, valuing students for who they are, and preparing them to become lifelong learners in the service of the Lord and others. For all students at our school, helping them define clear pathways, building confidence and providing a strong direction in life is a critical part of the school’s program. Both in and out of class children are grown and developed, taking into account their individual area of strengths and challenges.

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