Our Vision

Where We Are Going

At Maitland Christian School, prospective families are drawn to our school due to our love for Jesus, a vibrant community, dedicated staffing team and our ability to provide the very best education. This enables children with a variety of learning styles and needs to flourish and succeed in a supportive environment.

Our purpose is to be a Christian educational community, growing faith, character and abilities through teaching and learning excellence, partnering with families and the Church.

Do all for God’s Glory

Celebrating hope and God’s grace in our lives, we value:
1. Faith – We know, proclaim, walk in and share the promises of God’s word.
2. Unity – We encourage each other and work together in love.
3. Excellence – We pursue the highest possible good for each other.
4. Generosity – We give of ourselves and our resources out of a heart to serve.
5. Growth – We develop our strengths to glorify God.

We are excited to be pursuing four key goals in the next five years (2019-2023) which are:
1. Strengthening Kingdom Culture – Strengthening our CULTURE in Board, staff, students and school community in a way that embodies our purpose and values.
2. Growing in excellence – Visioning, resourcing and developing CAPACITY to impact student growth.
3. Building Community – Building CONNECTION & CARE throughout and beyond the school community that reflects our purpose and values.
4. Embedding Systems – Further developing quality operational practices, clear COMMUNICATION and effecting positive CHANGE.

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