Student Citizenship

Our leadership program is based on the example of Christ. Our desire for student leaders is for them to imitate Jesus, the ultimate servant leader.

A key aspect of our school leadership program is providing rich opportunities for the outworking of leadership. Formal development of leadership starts in Year 3 and develops through into senior years.

Student Leadership

Global Leadership Summit is a regional student leadership training opportunity for all our students. We believe in raising up the next generation of leaders to influence their world.

It’s exciting watching students grow in confidence as they exercise their strengths in leadership. – Josh Vine, Coordinator

We aim to grow students:

Know God

Who know how much God has done for them and loves them

Love God

In loving God and loving others


To be caring, considerate and accepting of others


To be thinking more about others than themselves


To be mindful about the effect words have on others

Good Citizens

To be good citizens in society

Go above & beyond

To be the type of people who go above and beyond

Work Ethic

Who have a good work ethic


To be motivated and self-driven

Reach Full Potential

In reaching their God given potential


In all spheres of life, academically, spiritually, in sport, leadership, and personally.

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