Secondary School

High school is a time of strong academic growth coupled with high expectations and looking to futures beyond school. We are committed to children growing and becoming mature young men and women who are academically capable and spiritually maturing, with keen social responsibility. It is a joy for me, as Principal, to see the growth of students in high school and senior years. – Geoff Peet, Principal

Secondary Education

Our High School teachers and students are a community of learners who grow spiritually and socially, while progressing in their academic achievements. As well as studying, students can be involved in a variety of sports, creative arts and leadership opportunities. The Mission program is a highlight of the year with students being able to apply their beliefs and be a blessing to their community.

I love being on carpark duty in the morning to see the smiles on students’ faces coming in to school and then seeing the smile on their face in the afternoon and knowing that our staff have contributed to that. Working with the students, staff and parents and seeing students flourish is a great motivation to get me out of bed in the morning. – Jason Munro, Deputy Principal


I grew up here at MCS and this is the school where my wife became a Christian. It is very rewarding now as a teacher, being able to give back to our students. I am also a dad in the school and when my little girl comes home I am deeply thankful for the contribution my colleagues are making to who she is. – Nick Coller, English Coordinator

English at MCS is seeking to teach kids how to critically evaluate everything that they watch read, type, text and listen to, not only from a critical perspective but from a Christian perspective too. It gives them the ability to craft and create for themselves ways to interact and communicate with the world, and the skills and the frameworks to consider them on their own terms and to make a difference in the lives of others

We develop students in 4 key areas:

Create & Critique

The ability to create and critically evaluate any media

Responsible engagement

Learning to communicate in a variety of ways responsibly

Conscience Development

Conscience for their welfare and that of society

Rejoice, Reject & Redeem

The ability to rejoice, reject and redeem texts within our culture from a Christian worldview


I love the privilege of seeing young people be challenged, problem solve their way through, and then see the beauty of mathematics. Teaching drives me to be a better person. – Ange Neale, Mathematics Coordinator

We want to take the students from being teacher dependent to independent problem solvers who work collaboratively, and appreciate and hear other people’s opinions and to understand their strategies and why it works for them. It is essential we develop them to be students who persevere, digging deep, solve problems, and to come out the other end, being able to make a difference, climb the mountains and challenge themselves on, “what will I do to serve others?”


Our science program engages students from years 7 – 12, preparing students for the HSC in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students are taught by experienced teachers who help develop their understanding of God’s physical world, God’s place in its creation and our place and responsibility as part of that creation.

The Science Department is well-resourced to be able to engage young minds. Students are given opportunities to engage in activities offsite which reinforce what they have learnt in lessons. The Science Staff place the upmost importance on the safety of student in their classrooms. They exercise caution and plan for fun creating a positive learning and a relational environment.


Our PDHPE program encourages student awareness of themselves emotionally and physically. We want students to understand how to honour God with their body, understanding the value of life long physical activity. The PDHPE program imparts knowledge and skills to help students make quality decisions regarding their own health and a concern for others. Understanding the connectedness between ourselves and others encourages a healthy community – Not just ‘me’ but ‘we’.

Giving students an understanding of the relationship between the practical and the theory is an important part of PDHPE. We provide a diverse range of opportunities for student to experience the theory of the classroom with offsite external providers.

Christian Studies

Christian Studies is about giving students the tools to engage in thinking about life and looking at it through a Christian perspective.

It is important that students learn about what God has to say. Within that students are encouraged to ask questions and to speak what is on their hearts. Christian studies allows students to explore their beliefs and to develop a Christian worldview that is strong enough to grapple with the prevailing issues in their lives

In Years 7 and 8, students enjoy the benefits of learning from specialist teachers in purpose-built classrooms. They have individual access to Information Technology devices such as iPads and computers to enhance their learning. They study the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, and Personal Development and Health & Physical Education (PDHPE). Their other subjects include Christian Studies, Technology, Music, Visual Arts, and Auslan (the Australian sign language which evolved to communicate with people who have hearing impairments).

By the time the students have reached Year 9, they have the opportunity to choose two elective subjects in addition to their core subjects. The elective lines are different from year to year, depending on the particular preferences of each year group. In previous years electives have included Commerce, Dance, Drama, Food Technology, Graphics Technology, Industrial Technology (Metal), Industrial Technology (Wood), Information and Software Technology, Music, Physical Activity and Sport Studies, and Visual Arts.

Throughout High School, students continue to confirm career choices and develop their individual skills in their chosen fields based on likes, interests and passions. Students will make many choices as they commit to graduating strong and continuing their studies or starting out in the workplace. Students specialise even further in Stage 6 for their HSC. They choose electives based on their personal interests, which will also prepare them for their future study and career paths.

In previous years, Year 11 and Year 12 electives offered have been Ancient History, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Community and Family Studies, Design and Technology, Drama, Engineering Studies, English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, English Standard, English Studies, Food Technology, Industrial Technology, Information Processes and Technology, Legal Studies, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics General, Modern History, Music, PDHPE, Physics, Software Development and Design, Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation, and Visual Arts. Students are also able to select from the full range of TAFE-delivered Vocational & Educational Training courses (T-VET), as well as Distance Education subjects

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