Prep School

I just love the way I see the children grow, I love seeing what they’re like at the beginning and the end of the year. I love looking at their giftings and the passions that they have. I love working with their interests and inspiring them to think outside the box.” – Libby Taylor, Prep Teacher

When a child arrives at Prep we start by learning about school life and how to cope, interaction with each other and finding their place in their new school world. As they develop maturity, we introduce more of the school to them. It is a brilliant way for children to begin to familiarise themselves with the school environment and using facilities such as a library.

They are introduced to more exciting play, and learning opportunities are designed to introduce children to concepts that will become formal parts of their learning in Kindergarten and beyond. Prep has a very hands-on approach to this.

Prep is committed to the development of:

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Emotional & Social Skills

Opening their world of responsibility to others

Encouraging them to show their kindness & goodness to others

The journey through Prep is one of taking the children from the free play environment through to a more structured approach to learning as we prepare them for Kindergarten.

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