Creative Arts

High School

Our Creative Arts program is centred around every child being created in God’s image. Creativity is essential to exploring who we are, and our place in the world. Creative thinking and problem solving within Creative Arts gives students a more diverse and hands on approach.

The team building opportunities within these subject areas are a unique opportunity for students and staff to work collaboratively, and provides skills and strategies that have benefits beyond the classroom and into later life.

We want students to explore their imaginations and be excited about what life may hold. High School Visual Art classes explore the traditional art forms such as painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and printing, as well as digital and film photography and video animation.

Each year there are opportunities for music, dance and drama performances and visual arts presentations. Students from across Primary and High School can participate in these events. Our MADD Night and Musicals are examples. They are whole school community events which celebrate and display the talents of our students. These are held biannually respectively.

Music Tutors

Maitland Christian School has a variety of music tutors who come to the school to teach students musical instruments or voice training. If you would like your children to have lessons with a tutor, please call the tutor (not the school) to organise enrolment and lesson times.

Primary Art

Art in Primary is a wonderful opportunity for the parents to become engaged in the learning of their children in the school. Every two weeks during term, primary students participate in an assembly. Students may prepare dramas, music, video and visual art for this assembly, as well as informative speeches. Primary students can also participate in lunchtime extra curricula clubs including Primary and Infants choirs, art and drama clubs.

Maitland Christian School Primary Art Program Offers:

Specialist art teachers

Designated art room

Outstanding art resources

Opportunity to experiment

with wide variety of resources and materials

Producing above average results

Students Artwork Exhibited

both internally and externally


Our school has conducted several musicals. These have included:
  • Esther – Ordinary Faith – 2017
  • Annie Junior – 2019
  • The Chronicles Of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – 2015
  • It’s Cool in the Furnace (Godspell) – 2017

Every art lesson, I have the opportunity to point kids to God the creator. God has gifted all of us with creativity. Encouraging and developing this in children is a great joy. – Amanda Peet, Primary Art Teacher

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