We encourage an environment of parent / school partnership where families are welcome in the school. Parents are invited to give voluntary assistance in classrooms, the library, the canteen or the office. We welcome parental contact and opportunities to develop our partnership in Christian education through meetings with individual teachers or executive staff. This network of people who care about each other forms a community of support for the education and welfare of our students.

Joining a volunteer team at the school means that we can go over and above to provide an environment of excellence for every student serving the broader school community. We aim for all of our volunteers to have fun and be a part of a team that is making a difference in the lives of students on a daily basis. Changing the world starts with changing the world of one child every day and it is through the efforts and commitment of our parent volunteer partners that we can achieve this.

Joining us as a Volunteer

Parents, grandparents and other friends and family members who volunteer play a vital role. Research has shown the importance of volunteers in the classroom to create a healthy learning environment, creating a richness of community that is beneficial to all.

To best support volunteers in the school and to continue to provide a safe environment for our students, we also need to abide by child protection laws using the following process:

1. Volunteers are asked to provide a Working With Children Check number to the school, so that we are able to check their suitability for working with children and keep our register up to date. The application for the Working With Children Check can be completed online.

2. Your identity then needs to be verified at an RMS (previously RTA) office. Although paid employees need to pay a fee for this service, volunteers do not. Many parents will already have these clearance numbers for volunteer work they do at church or other places.

3. Our preference is that all parents have a WWCC clearance number. For those who do not have this number, there is the option of filling in a Statutory Declaration and Consent form, if you are working in your child’s classroom. These can be picked up from the front office.

4. Those who are cleared to assist in the school will need to sign a Code of Conduct. This clarifies boundaries and expectations of behaviour while working within the school.

Although this process is lengthy, it is necessary to promote a safe environment for our students.

The rewards of participating in the school as a volunteer are many. A significant advantage is that your children will see how much you value their education and you will become more familiar with their school community.

Volunteers can help in:





Office Work

School Musicals

Classroom Activities

And More!