Our Staff

The school only employs committed Christians who are active members of their local churches. Staff employed at Maitland Christian School view their work here as a ministry. The quality of the staff and their commitment to operating as a professional and unified team is one of the greatest strengths of the school. The school has developed a local reputation for being a caring community and this has largely been earned as a result of the efforts of the staff.

Our Primary department consists of homeroom teachers who are supported by specialist teachers who also teach additional literacy and numeracy classes. Our Secondary department consists of specialised teachers in all KLA areas. A specialist teacher/librarian supports classroom teachers across the whole school. Support teachers are available to assist children who are experiencing difficulties in their class work or who require extension.

School Executive

Principal Mr Geoff Peet
Deputy Principal Mr Phillip Wilson
Business Manager Mr Stephen Tibbs
Welfare Coordinator, Boys Mr Steven Hannon
Welfare Coordinator, Girls Mrs Angela Neale
K-12 Learning Support Coordinator Miss Roslyn Kelly
Primary Curriculum Coordinator Mrs Cathy Wanganga
Primary Administration Coordinator Mrs Kate Blacombe
High School Curriculum/Admin Coordinators Mr David Milford, Mr Michael Manwaring
Staff Development Coordinator Mr Michael Tooler

Primary Teachers

Prep Mrs Rebecca Tooler
Kindergarten Miss Rachel Collison, Mrs Linda Gaffney
Stage 1 Mrs Karen Ogilvie, Mrs Kelly-Ann Cumming, Mrs Kate Balcombe
Stage 2 Mrs Libby Taylor, Mrs Cathy Wanganga, Mr Grant Humphris, Mr Ruben Parraga
Stage 3 Mr Gavin Hyslop, Mr Nigel Limon, Mr Phillip Stabler, Mrs Jill Sculthorpe
Learning Support Mrs Colleen Toms
Specialist/Literacy/Numeracy Teachers Mrs Amanda Peet, Mrs Danielle Procter, Mrs Alice Aitcheson, Mrs Aimee Bott, Mrs Tania Ford
Library Teacher Mrs Janelle Moore

Secondary Teachers

English  Miss Tanya Nicholls, Mr Stephen McKinnon, Mr Nick Coller
Mathematics  Mrs Angela Neale, Mr Steve Hannon, Mr Robert Powell, Mrs Robynne Watts
Science Mr David Milford, Mr Brian Hughes, Mr Toby Coates
Human Society and Its Environment Mrs Rosemary Goodwin, Mr Michael Tooler, Mr Ross Urane
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Mr Craig Shafer, Mr Joshua Vine
Christian Studies Mr Michael Manwaring
Music Mr Michael Emms
Visual Arts Mrs Sonia Williams
Technical and Applied Studies Mr Greg Crow, Mr David Hughes, Mrs Janelle Limon, Mr John Weedon

Ancillary Staff

Property Manager Mr Graeme Moore
Business Manager Mr Stephen Tibbs
Principal’s Assistant Mrs Nicole Teasdale
Deputy Principal’s Assistant Mrs Janette Mott
Executive Assistant Mrs Rhondda Crear
Financial Assistant Mrs Del Allan
School Psychologist Mr Asher Morrison
Chaplain Mr Jim Forbes
Community Relations Mrs Vivienne Hughes
Receptionists Mrs Jennifer Purcell, Mrs Megan Warwick
Information and Communication Technology Mr Luke Arms, Mr Chris Deal
Teachers’ Aides Mrs Judy Clark, Mrs Christine Hannon
Library Assistant Mrs Marina Ruddy
Laboratory Assistant Mrs Kate Roberts
Food Technology Assistant Mrs Yvonne Bromhead
Head Cleaner/Canteen Manager Mrs Narelle McIver
Cleaners Mrs Sandra McDean, Mr Phillip Brewer, Mr Matthew Brewer